Hello from Oklahoma, USA

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Bruce Dill
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Hello from Oklahoma, USA

Post by Bruce Dill » Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:28 pm

Hello everyone from Oklahoma, USA! Yes we do have cows, horses and all those other western things but we also have tall buildings, parks, golf courses AND KCML people. I first became familiar with KCML about 10 years ago. My company buys the product from a distributor here in the US.

We use Kserv on MS servers. We then install a relational database called Speed7 available for http:www.genesistems.com. Several years ago another US company made a deal with Kerridge to sell KCML thinking US car companies would be buying the auto package. That did not happen but other things did. Several large companies here in the US developed vertical markets utilizing Speed and KCML.

I own one of those companies. Our vertical products include

http://www.real-fusion.com a realestate product
http://www.nonprofit-connection for nonprofit organizations

We started in business in the 1980s. At one point we had lots of clients but the company originally owning Speed never got it converted to Windows so we lost virtually all our business. Genesistems bought the Speed product and has made a wonderful relational database programming tool set which is full and wonderfully integrated with Microsoft enviroments.

Their newest release requires KCML 7 and we will be converting to it. The problem we as developers here in the US have is there are so few now as the result of the previous Speed owners to convert from text to Windows. I estimate there are fewer than 50 active developers utilizing KCML in North America. There are Speed developers in the UK and Europe. If you check Speed out, want to purchase or become a reseller feel free to contact me.

Well, this is a long introduction, but I wanted my friends in the UK to know. I actually have been to Reading several times as my brother-in-law was head of IT for Belkin. He is now back in the States and is head of IT worldwide for Fed-X.

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