Kprint IP Address

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Kprint IP Address

Post by Blackshaw » Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:17 am

We access Kprint via DNS so when we had to change the IP address as the KPrint server was being relocated we thought it was a 10 minute job.

We changed the IP address and the DNS server details , pinged the Kprint server from the main system and the main system from the KPrint server and all was well..

The Kprint server is a Windows 2000 server.

To be safe we rebooted the KPrint server and the KPrint licence server was stopped and started but found it could not get the licence file from the main system.

After much cursing we decided to roll out the change and reverted to the old IP address.

At which point KPrint could again see the main system and obtain the licence file.

Can anyone shed any light on this because as far as we can see the IP Address of the KPrint server is not recorded in the KPrint licence server.

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Re: Kprint IP Address

Post by kccms » Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:48 am


Had the same issue. Following is a reply from ADP.

Licensing on Kprint servers are allocated against IP address for each Kprint server.
Before u change your IP address for your Kprint server u need to change your number of printers to 0.
In the Print manager Administrator Click on Que – Remote licensing - settings
Change the Number of printers to 0
Click OK
Obtain a license
It will now be licensed for 0 printers so the licence is release

U can now change the ip
And change the printers back to the original number

U also need to change the spool control setting to point the spoolers to the new ip

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Re: Kprint IP Address

Post by Blackshaw » Fri Dec 11, 2009 6:10 am

What do you mean by "Obtain a licence".

I assume its not from ADP so do you mean reboot the server ?

The current plan is

Shut down the Kerridge box

Re Ip the server

Reboot the server

Restart the Kerridge Box

Simple but hopefully effective

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Re: Kprint IP Address

Post by Simon » Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:06 pm

Just found this forum doing a random search on Kprint (reminiscing)

He means Kprint obtaining a license from the lic server..

License Server has a pool of licenses which can be used (up to the maximum number of components you are licensed for) These are assigned to the IP of the kprint server/s.

By setting the license value to 0 you are returning them to the pool. This needs to be done with kprint server having the original IP which was assigned the licenses in the first place.

Now you can change the IP of kprint server and then set the license details required for the number of queues etc. Kprint will then speak to the license server and obtain the required licensing to make the queues active (so they process triggers rather than dump ascii to the print spool)

The LP spools on you autoline system can use dns, but I always found using the actual IP address more reliable. (and not using dhcp on the kprint server, set the ip manually). That way if dns resets for whatever reason you are not going to have licence issues. (also seen dns get the name resolution wrong and terminals locking because the queue was not available.... but that was 6 years ago and they might of changed such an obvious fail)


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